The Nvidia DGX-1, for which E4 Computer Engineering is Preferred reseller for Italy, is ideal for Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence accelerated analytics. Built with Nvidia Pascal™-powered Tesla® V100 accelerators (up to 8 x system), it ensures performances equal to 250 conventional servers. Moreover, thanks to Nvidia NVLink™ highspeed interconnect it’s possible to obtain dramatic speed-ups in application performance enabling extremely fast communication between the GPU and the CPUs and also between GPUs.
NVIDIA DGX-1 is fully integrated with hardware, software and development tools for deep learning, to run accelerated analytics applications. 

  • Speed-up data processing time
  • Reduced system downtime
  • GPU Memory 16 GB per GPU
  • Network Dual 10 GbE, 4 IB EDR
  • Fully integrated with hardware, deep learning software and development tools
535.8 Kb PDF DGX-1 Datasheet Partner 3.5 Mb PDF Artificial Intelligence with NVIDIA 340.6 Kb PDF Datasheet NVIDIA DGX-1 656.5 Kb PDF Forrester Consulting- The Total Economic Impact of NVIDIA DGX-1

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