So far, AI supercomputing was confined to the data center, limiting the experimentation needed to develop and test deep neural networks prior to training at scale.
Thanks to the new DGX STATION, for which E4 is Preferred reseller for Italy, you can now have the computing performance of 400 CPU’s under your desk, running the most advanced analytics and deep learning softwares to gain insights and giving a boost to productivity in hours, no more in weeks.
The DGX STATION has been designed to let scientists and researchers build their own deep learning platform, train and experiment a deep neural network in reduced times. So, it’s the perfect solution to quicken AI activities, cutting the initial hardware costs related to the configuration of a whole data center.

  • 4x NVIDIA Tesla® V100®
  • 2nd generation NVIDIA NVLink™ high-speed interconnect
  • Water-cooling system for whisper-quiet operation and maximized performance
  • Intel® Xeon® CPU for boot, storage management, and deep learning framework coordination
  • 3DisplayPort connections each supporting 4K monitor resolution
  • Compute capacity of 4 racks of servers, consuming only 1/20th the power
  • Can run multiple containerized frameworks simultaneously
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