The E4 ARKA Series are low-power, low-energy platforms designed to appeal to the HPC world. Some of the key features about ARKA Series are the introduction of the new generation ARM® v8 cores 64 bit and that it provides one of the most reduced power consumption.

ARKA is the first platform based on ARM® Architecture with GPGPU accelerators and InfiniBand interconnect, ready for production environment with a full support of the software ecosystem: Linux OS, libraries, compilers and applications. ARKA may be used for seismic processing, signal and image processing, video analytics, track analysis and web applications, map-reduce like frameworks (Hadoop). It also works in labs when practicing on CUDA devices.

Extremely versatile, E4 ARKA finds its ideal settings in a number of environments such as University, Finance, Media, Energy, Defense/Intelligence, Cloud and Big Data.
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