03Apr 2019

The Intel® Server System S9200WK product family, the highest performance member of Intel® Data Center Blocks.

The Intel® Server System S9200WK product family is a purpose built, performance-optimized data center block ideal for use in High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence applications. Designed for Intel® Xeon® Platinum 9200 series processors, with up to 24 DDR4 DIMM slots per compute module, the S9200WK family maximizes processor and memory bandwidth to provide leadership performance for the most demanding compute use requirements.

Today, companies around the world are deploying HPC and AI applications to disrupt entire industries. But integrating, validating and deploying the powerful infrastructure required by those workloads is complex and time consuming for IT, requiring months to complete. Intel® Server System S9200WK enables you to resolve those customer challenges and quickly expand into the rapidly-growing HPC and AI infrastructure market. These highly-integrated, pre-validated, workload-optimized data center blocks offer an unprecedented combination of density and performance, greatly simplifying and speeding HPC and AI infrastructure deployment for your customers so they can innovate and grow faster.

The S9200WK product family is the highest performance member of Intel® Data Center Blocks. These fully validated, unbranded server systems include Intel’s latest data center technology― already optimized to work better together―allowing partners to accelerate time to market with reliable data center solutions. Expand your revenue opportunities in the HPC and AI infrastructure space with validated, pre-integrated data center block designs that deliver breakthrough density and performance for your customers.
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