29 October 2018
E4 Computer Engineering joins CERN openlab, advancing the development of key projects on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Geneva, 29/10/2018 - E4 Computer Engineering, the Italian company leader in HPC, AI and storage solutions, announces today that it has joined CERN openlab, a public-private partnership between CERN and leading ICT companies. E4 has the role of ‘contributor’ within the collaboration and it will work on joint projects to advance the development of high-performance technologies for high-energy physics (HEP).

E4 Computer Engineering has a long and successful history of provisioning systems to CERN and to Tier 1 centers in the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid like INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare), through competitive tenders. With thousands of cores and petabytes of storage already delivered to CERN, E4’s expertise ensures improved overall effectiveness and increased performance of applications used by CERN’s research community. 

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10 October 2018
Open Edge and HPC Initiative
Atos, E4, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Huawei, Mellanox, and SUSE announce their efforts furthering the development of an open and feature-rich ecosystem to support the evolving needs of the various industries undergoing digitalization and of all their respective stakeholders. This collaboration includes several relevant players, including both solution providers and key customers. The targeted activities will help shorten time-to-market for Edge Computing and HPC deployments by developing and sharing solutions to improve interoperability and end-2-end integration. The industry players of this initiative will establish a common industrial development vision by which they collaborate on specific pathfinder projects to resolve practical deployment problems, identify concrete industry use cases, and contribute project results to reference deployments that will accelerate both Edge Computing and HPC innovations and industrial digitalization.
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25 June 2018
E4 Computer Engineering and Cavium Join Forces to Support Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Team at ISC 2018 Student Cluster Competition
E4 Computer Engineering and Cavium™, Inc., have teamed up with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) for the Student Cluster Competition, the challenge which involves twelve teams of students from all over the world, and will provide a state of the art eight nodes Arm®-based cluster equipped with the latest dual socket Cavium ThunderX2® processors.

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14 November 2017
D.A.V.I.D.E. Supercomputer, developed by E4 Computer Engineering and installed at CINECA, ranked on November TOP500 and Green500 Lists
D.A.V.I.D.E. (Development of an Added Value Infrastructure Designed in Europe), the energy-aware, Petaflops Class High Performance Cluster, based on OpenPOWER servers and featuring liquid cooling and an innovative technology for monitoring and capping the power consumption, enters November 2017 TOP500 and Green500 lists. 

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21 June 2017
D.A.V.I.D.E. Supercomputer, Developed by E4 Computer Engineering leveraging OpenPOWER technologies, Named to TOP500 and Green500 Lists
E4 Computer Engineering enters June 2017 Top500 and Green500 Lists with D.A.V.I.D.E. Supercomputer.
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15 June 2017
Thousands of Servers and Petabytes of Storage Supplied by E4 Engineering with Quanta Cloud Technology to CERN Over the Last Two Years
Over the last two years, E4 Computer Engineering and QCT have worked in close collaboration to supply CERN with thousands of server systems, cores and Petabytes of storage. 
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28 March 2017
New Energy-Efficient Open Compute Platform Rack by E4 Computer Engineering & Wistron Corporation @ the OCP U.S. Summit 2017
E4 Computer Engineering and Wistron Corporation today showcase the result of their joint effort to produce an open rack PetaFlops-Class Computing Solution, that features, among other distinctive characteristics, a remarkable energy efficiency ratio that is based on the IBM POWER architecture.
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13 November 2016
E4 Computer Engineering wins third and final phase of PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) commissioned by PRACE
E4 Computer Engineering wins third and final phase of PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) commissioned by PRACE, with an innovative OpenPOWER-based HPC cluster built on top of IBM POWER8 architecture to be exhibited at SC16 in Salt Lake City Early this week, PRACE announced the winners of the third and final phase of its Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP). Out of the three companies involved in the tender, E4 scored the highest points with an innovative and energy efficient OpenPOWER-based HPC cluster that will be exhibited during SC16: D.AV.I.D.E. SUPERCOMPUTER
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28 September 2016
E4 announces availibility of OP206 the OpenPOWER server, during GTC Europe in Amsterdam
As NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference lands in Europe for the first time, E4 Computer Engineering prepares for it with a system based on the latest IBM POWER8 with NVIDIA NVlink™ processor and supporting the most advanced NVIDIA Tesla® P100 GPU accelerator.
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16 June 2016
E4 COMPUTER ENGINEERING announces showcase of new NVIDIA GPU-accelerated OpenPOWER™ servers at ISC16
Frankfurt 15th June 2016 —E4 Computer Engineering today announced a very interesting showcase for ISC16 (Exhibition hall, booth #914) that consists of five unique solutions devised for high-performance computing (HPC), big data and analytics and large numbers of other compute-intensive applications. E4’s mission to exploit innovation by implementing and integrating cutting-edge solutions with the best performance for every high-end computing and storage requirement is very much its focus for this year’s edition of ISC, as the company chose to showcase a number of systems based on the two most advanced technologies available at the moment: accelerated POWER8 and ARM servers.
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15 June 2016
titoloE4 COMPUTER ENGINEERING has active role in this year’s Student Cluster Competition at ISC16
Frankfurt 15 June 2016 —E4 Computer Engineering is taking a highly active role in this year’s ISC High Performance conference by sponsoring two innovative teams competing in the Student Cluster Competition. The challenge features small teams competing to demonstrate the capabilities of state-of-the-art high-performance cluster hardware and software. In the challenge, 12 teams of six undergraduate and/or high school students will build a small cluster based on their own designs on the ISC exhibit floor and race to demonstrate the greatest performance across a series of benchmarks and applications. The greatest challenge will be getting their clusters to consume less than the 3120-watt power limit.
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